An asset management and operation intelligence platform is one of the crucial components to undertake on the path towards digitization, to speed up data acquisition, processing and analysis processes and translate the Internet of Things into business value.

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MangroviaIoT is a modular and multi-level infrastructure that allows, with a compressed time-to-market, to achieve three objectives:

Manage and monitor the state of a device infrastructure

Data and operational management of the assets distribuited throughout the territory, with control of the communication status of the sensors, representation and reporting of possible anomalies.

Collect, store, monitor and visualize data from sensors

Complete management of the life cycle of the data generated by the sensors, from acquisition to their presentation, with a metrological control system and notification of exceeding configurable values.

Create a database useful for the Advanced Analytics

Ability to feed a data bank to adopt statistical tools and machine learning algorithms aimed at the development of predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Asset Management

It enables a precise and complete control of the field equipment, which is fundamental to ensure the stability of the infrastructure and the consistency of the data collected.

It identifies and notifies any transmission problems by representing the information in real time in tabular, graphic and geospatial form:

A dashboard with an integrated and timely view of the roll – out status, communications, alarms and sensors under maintenance to permit an instant view of all installed objects and the immediate display of historical trends.

A dashboard detailing diagnostic and metrological alarm situations that allows to govern and activate the necessary restoration and remediation actions.

A georeferenced representation on interactive maps that allow the geospatial analysis with on-map representation of device data and direct access to monitoring information.

A definition of alert levels on the time frequency of expected communications with timely representation and notification of service failures.

Operation Intelligence

It is a data collection system that provides automatic monitoring of metrics and allows the analysis of measurements made on time and geospatial dimensions, using different instruments:

Visualization of the data collected in punctual mode, at the last update sent and possibility of recovering the history in case of missed communications.

Display of the historical series and possibility to download them with selectable time granularity and time intervals.

Definition of alert levels (minimum and maximum) on individual registers and notifications in case of exceedance.

Activation of automatic actions in relation to the situation and expected behaviour with the possibility of managing complex situations.

Geolocalization of sensors in geographic maps with different styles or in specific custom areas with the ability to manage multiple layers.

MangroviaIoT is the result of many years of experience in software development and advanced analytics in the Enterprise IoT sector, in particular in the Utility & Energy sector for roll-out and management initiatives of large volumes of smart meters.

Based on this experience, a product with a bimodal approach has been developed:


 for full awareness of the specific needs of the domain and the needs of the business and exercise areas


thanks to the excellent skills in designing, building and managing software according to the guidelines of Modern Application Development

The result is a solution aimed at improving business processes,
of fast implementation,
scalable and flexible,
able to adapt itself to heterogenous contexts.

Technical features

The MangroviaIoT platform is a group of containerized microservices, developed according to the best practices of Modern Application Development.

Connect to everything

Different types of sensors are already supported by MangroviaIoT and thanks to the flexibility of the solution with compressed timing it is possible to connect any type of device and integrate legacy application systems.

Connect from everywhere

The solution has a modern web-based responsive interface disconnected from the back-end infrastructure by means of an API gateway. With simple calls (self-documented) it is possible to obtain any information present and use it in custom mobile apps or insert it in customer and company portals.


Authentication and profiling allow the management of different roles and permissions. The possibility to create homogeneous and heterogeneous user groups and objects allows to replicate various models of organizational structures.

Flexible by Design

Container implementation and management with an orchestrator for linear scalability (both horizontal and vertical) according to the amount of loads without the need to implement complex architectures in high reliability.

Cloud Native

Installation can be performed on physical on-premise hosts, virtualized with Hyper-Visor or in private or public Cloud.

Continuous evolution

MangroviaIoT is a product that is constantly evolving, both in terms of the adoption of updated technologies and the release of additional functionalities aimed at improving the proposed solution to make it more and more complete.

The latest updates of MangroviaIoT include new features, such as:

Build autonomously KPIs (i.e. virtual counters) for real-time monitoring of more complex information (e.g. energy consumption/sqm) or aggregated information (e.g. total consumption of an area or a set of buildings).

Define and visualize hierarchical relationships between devices in order to manage anomalous situations more quickly (e.g. control room/gateway/devices hierarchy).

Compare real-time data from different devices over the same period or from the same device over different periods, even with different granularity of data (quarter-hourly, daily, weekly, monthly).

Enrich the master device with customized fields for all the data required for the use case.

Use cases and partnerships

Mangrovia IoT

The fourth industrial revolution

Identified as the fundamental and enabling element for the transformation and evolution of business processes, digital technologies are the protagonists of the fourth industrial revolution.
In this context, an end-to-end IoT solution enables the creation of ecosystems in which automation, remote management and dematerialization decisively achieve several benefits:

  • increased productivity through improved process efficiency
  • the reduction of operating costs
  • an increase in security
  • the identification of new business models based on the opportunities highlighted by insights.